Investment Plans


Monthly Premium plan

5.00% monthly for 1 month

Total ROI is 5%

3 Months Premium plan

13.00% monthly for 3 months

Total ROI is 13%

6 Months Premium plan

20.00% monthly for 6 months

Total ROI is 20%


3 Months VIP plan

30.00% monthly for 3 months

Total ROI is 30%

6 Months VIP plan

35.00% monthly for 6 months

Total ROI is 35%

Intep Capital Escrow

Intep Capital provides a highly secured Escrow wallet for any transaction, where the Coins will be securely kept in a cold storage.

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Intep Capital Investment

Our Crypto-Property Fund offers investors the opportunity to obtain exposure to cryptocurrencies, whilst benefiting from the stability of asset-backed security.

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Intep Capital Cryptocurrency Mining

Intep Capital platform allows for a conservative balance between fundamental and quantitative methods and navigates this new market whilst securing planned gains.

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Intep Capital Real Estate

Intep Capital have developed more than 6 million m² (65 million ft²) of real estate assets globally, across multiple sectors.

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