Intep Capital offers investors the opportunity to obtain exposure to cryptocurrencies, whilst benefiting from the stability of asset-backed security.
Intep Capital also allows investors the opportunity to move against volatility in the cryptocurrency markets, without incurring the frictional costs of converting their holdings into fiat.  
As our company and clients continue to grow, we have implemented cryptocurrencies as a major mainstream in our wealth management strategy.
In line with this, we have partnered with industry leaders, ranging from cryptocurrency decision makers to traders and market influencers. 
Putting all this together, we manage a system that provides a partnership platform between our trustees, clients, and partners.

GROW WITH Intep Capital

Intep Capital was established in 1995 based on years of experience with trading and investment companies across several countries. Prior to incorporating retail plans as a major mainstream, Intep Capital served private clients and institutions across a range of geographies.

Intep Capital provides services to all fund types including UCITS funds as well as AIFMD compliant regulated Specialized Investment Funds (SIF). 

Intep Capital is a registered company from the United Kingdom.